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SF: Entry #26

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

I had my best quiz in weeks today, but it wasn’t enough to warrant a sticker. They starting using stickers about the time I started struggling. I have yet to receive one. That means I have yet to score an “A” on a quiz or test since they starting using them. *le sigh*

SF: Entry #25

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Saturday, we went to the Asian Art Museum. Sunday was game, at which we consumed too my dried fruit from Trader Joe’s that kicked our guts. Today was another drowsy day at school with tummy-rot hangover.

I had this thought. In English, a noun is a noun. We don’t decline nouns so that they have different functions. We use helping words to accomplish this. For example:
“man” can be a subject, direct object, indirect object, object of a preposition, etc
“the man runs”, “greet the man”, “to the man”, “by the man”, “for the man”, etc

In Latin, “man/vir” is declined so that a word has many functions:
“vir, viri, viro, virum, virorum, viris, viros”

So I was thinking that maybe a noun in English is like a mech, and you keep adding components to it in order to give it more power and functions. On the other hand, a Latin noun is more like a Voltron noun that has all these separate parts which essentially are one big noun. Taking all this into account, who would win in a fight?

(My friend Dan from class didn’t put any money down on either side; he’s playing it safe.)

Ok. So I have a whole list of quotes that cracked me up:

Chad (whilst bouncing): Count to ten backwards by threes.*
Hann: You are so chaotic.
Chad: I’m chaotic neutral. That means I never have to say I’m sorry.
(* I really tried to do this but didn’t know from where to start counting.)

A classmate said that when she was teaching younger student, one of them wrote this line:
“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister so he could speak in the passive voice instead of using violence.”

New Latin forms:
: Datative of destruction
: Inflamatory accusative

From Friday’s guest lecturer:
“Astonish your friends and confound your enemies.”

TA1** on Friday:
“…of the all-ness that is we.”
“If looking at two paradigms, one seems regular and one seems bizarre, the bizarre one is most likely right. People err toward regularity.”
(** TA1 is sweet. I caught him watching creatures in a stream today.)
I remember there being some funny moments in game, but they are no longer stored in my cache that is head.

Gimme gimme gimme

Monday, July 16th, 2007

fried chicken


I have Queen in my head.

PS. San Francisco smells like urine.

SF: Entry #24

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

My exam kicked my ass. I had confused one particular vocab word that happened to be a disproportionately large part of the exam. I’m almost just went home after class, but a classmate convinced me to stay for the convivium. It was fun, but no one wanted to do anything afterward.

Potential spoilers below…

Last night, Chad, Hann and I saw the 10:45 showing of Harry Potter (with 3D) at the IMax. I enjoyed it immensely, but I found that afterward, I behaved like my friends did to me after the 3rd movie, explaining everything that was missing from the movie. I liked Harry a lot in the movie. And though his part was so small, Sirius was way cooler in the movie. In the book he’s a childish whiner. I wish there had been more about Neville. Ginny kicks ass; they are totally ramping her up. Did Fred and George’s exit seem weak? How come they never mention in the movies that Cho plays quiddich (and Cedric, both seekers)? And does anyone else remember her turning in the army? I don’t but I could be wrong. I thoght it was her friend. The sixth book must’ve been so short, because I thought occlumency was in that one. Where was the Order of the Phoenix? Aren’t they in the title? I guess we wait for six, because they should be able to get some detail in that flick. Ok, I’m done rambling.

SF: Entry #23

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

My friends are sweet. Without even knowing that I had developed a mental rant in preparation to blog today about how grotesque I am, they emailed to say I was fabulous. So I will forgo the rant.

In the morning we had an exam. Same as always. I do think some of the other students in the class complain too much, particularly those who are doing fine in the class. I’m not doing great, but I also know I could work harder. I get distracted (ahem, blog), watch a movie, go out to eat and don’t work the whole night, which really is what is necessary for me to rock the class. So I’m going through at a mellow folksy pace.

I’m not sure if I made clear exactly how my class works. From 9-noon, we meet with one of two TAs (they alternate), have a quiz, go over homework, drill, and ask questions. From 1-4, we meet with the main instructor to learn new material. My commute (walking and train) is an hour on either end of the school day.

Class today was chock full of funny quotes, mostly from my instructor. We were discussing the reading portion of the course (which is the last four weeks) and there is a shortage of Cicero books. When asked if the book was available at the library, he said, “Our library is such a distinguished institution that it doesn’t have any books a student would use.” When someone suggested inter-library loan, he said, “The reputation of our neighboring school is that they have every book but don’t use any of them.”
Other quotes from my instructor today:
“It’s not totally wrong. It’s poetic and rare.”
“Whenever you are in a superior position and the other party tries to argue their way out, say ‘vae victis!’ (‘woe to the conquered’) and crush them.”
“They need to make a gladiatorial combat game for the Wii.”

And to brighten your day, a funny story from George…

* * * * *

Post script: Someone mentioned Jesus tonight, and I said “I heart Jesus.” Chad asked “You hurt Jesus?” I said “No. I heart Jesus. I like to use heart as a verb.” And he responded “I like to use gun as a verb.”

SF: Entry #22

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Need to catch up, don’t I?

I finally posted more photos.

Sunday, we played Changeling. It’s fun to have a regular game.

Monday was a regular day at class. I have started jotting down funny quotes that come out of class. When talking about irregular verbs, the TA1 explained that a certain verb was “not irregular, just strange.” I want that on a t-shirt.

Tuesday was, well, punchy. I was short on sleep yesterday, and the TA2 was tedious and inefficient.  I tried to be efficient and made my notecards over lunch. In the afternoon, people were dragging. After the break, though, everyone got really goofy. The instructor was talking about different confusions in grammar. One student asked if there was a list of confusions somewhere, and the instructor tossed the textbook on his desk. Then, somehow, we got into a conversation about the Latin word for “hair-do” or “pompadour” — “Caesaries.” The instructor explained that Caesar was concerned about his thinning hair and used to wear a crown of laurels to hide it. One student pointed out the all likenesses of Caesar show him with his hair combed forward. Another student asked, “does that mean a combover can be called a cesarean section?” It went on from there.

Tuesday evening I was so sleepy that I crashed with my homework on my lap and had to get up early this morning to do it. In my morning class, TA1 recommended this clip from “Britain’s Got Talent”. Tomorrow we have an exam, so we had a review in my afternoon class. Another classmates recommended this wicked funny movie trailer redux. Finally, SB sent me this clip about a new line of Apple products.

We have watched all four Harry Potter flicks in preparation for #5 at the IMax on Friday. I also enjoy that I can eat mac’n’cheese one night, bbq pork the next, and eel the next. Variety is the spice of life ‘n’ stuff.

Too tired to write

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

that’s it

SF: Entry #21

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Bedtime Saturday…

Friday, we had another convivium. Afterward, the tea party hostess and I went to see Rataouille (along with several of her housemates). It was quite cute, and I would recommend it as much as any Pixar.

Chad and Hann have been catching up on the Harry Potter movies, preparing for this coming Friday, so the HP flicks have joined Planet Earth for daily viewing.

Today, I didn’t try to do anything. It was great. I did my laundry, but that’s the only productive thing I did today. Chad and I watched Pecker, and this evening we all watched The Fountain, which was also quite good, though sad and strange at times. I felt a bit homesick because of it.

Must rest up so I can finish my homework before game tomorrow.

SF: Entry #20

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Hmm, got a low “B” on my exam. Getting a “B” in the class. I guess it’s good I’m taking it pass/fail. I feel like I’m working hard already, so I’m not sure how I could improve things.

Chad purchased the BBC/David Attenborough series “Planet Earth”, and it’s hard not to watch it.

Sorry so short, but not much to say today. Better get back to homework and looking forward to the weekend.

SF: Entry #19

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Sorry for slacking on the blog.

Last I wrote, it was Sunday night. Monday, we had a quiz on an overload of material we covered in class on Friday. In general, everyone’s quiz was so bad that the instructor decided to go over the quiz in class. We then reviewed for Tuesday’s exam. I wore my Oregon Trail t-shirt to class, which received many comments and initiated several conversations about the game. That evening, in addition to studying, we watched a documentary on Harvey Milk.

Tuesday, I had an exam. It took several hours, but I got through it. Like my previous exams, I felt as though I had a decent grasp of the material, but I’ll know tomorrow if that’s really the case. After the afternoon class, I decided to try a cheaper bus route back, but it took a total of two hours rather than one. It was kind of a drag.

Tuesday night we gathered to play Changeling. Chad made beer-cooked brats and sauerkraut for dinner, and we didn’t really get more than 30 minutes of game in the 4+ hours we were there. So we went out for doughnuts and went home.

Today, I had no class, but I still have a quiz and homework due tomorrow morning. We spent the afternoon at the beach and vegged (if homework constitutes vegging) for the evening.

We decided not to go down to the bay to see the fireworks because it would be maddening trying to get home. So we walked down the block until we saw where the people were coagulating. At the corner of Sacramento and Mason, people had gathered, looking down at the fireworks display in the bay. Chad and I took up a spot on the cement base of a sign post. They had neat designs: cubes, ringed planets, smiley faces. There was a cute girl who was chatting up her dad as he held her up to watch.
“Why can’t we look the other way.”
“Because there are no fireworks the other way.”
“I want to look at the ones on the other side…I want to look at the ones that are higher above these.”
(from where we stood, we actually looked down on the fireworks)
“These are beautiful. They look like different things. Like plants, grass, a mask. Those look like some pickles.”

…and the pickles red glare, the plants bursting in air…