SF: Entry #37

Did lots of stuff yesterday, with lots of pictures.
We first walked to North Beach for lunch. Then we walked to Coit Tower, which is probably most famous for its view. Then we walked to Fisherman’s Wharf, checked out the Ghiradelli mall and had ice cream. Then we took a boat to Alcatraz and toured the joint. (Be sure to check out the photos.) Then we booked it by bus to meet people for dinner and to see “Bourne Ultimatum”.

When we were walking to the station, there were assorted zealots yelling about things. One had a neon bright sign that read “Jesus Loves You”. I turned to Chad and said “All right! Jesus loves you! High five!” Then I turned to Hann and said “Jesus loves you!” and he replied “oo, I hope not”. that just seemed like a funny response to me.

Today, I’ve spent half the time doing homework, and the other half we went shopping around downtown. At 10:10pm, the week is looming…

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