SF: Entry #38


It was a rough week, but I’m still here. The lecture this afternoon was rather dull and long, and at the convivium, people didn’t stick around very long. So Katie, Lauren and I picked up Lauren’s boyfriend Jeff and went for some tasty bbq (and grits and cornbread).  We then hooked up with Chris and went to a bar called Albatross. We need a place like this in Milwaukee. It’s 21+ only, and there’s no smoking (because it’s CA). They don’t serve food, but you can carry it in. And it is entirely stocked with board games that you check out. So we played Taboo for 2+ hours. I was voted most amazing answer of the night.  –Anyone who’s spent enough time with me (and paid attention) has witnessed something like this at one time or another.– So the timer had mere seconds left, and Lauren said “this is a noise-making device” and I answered “clarinet.” And I was right.

Katie took pictures.

This weekend I will be visiting with friends from Emerson.

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