SF: Entry #39

Saturday, I took the bus->subway->train to meet two friends from Emerson, Anne & Beth, for the weekend. We visited Hakone Gardens, wandered around the quaint downtown of Saratoga and had dinner. Afterward, we did a wee bit of shopping until we decided that we *needed* to see Transformers.

We went to a theater that we had seen while driving, but we didn’t want to wait 2.5 hours for it. So we asked until we found a showing in 30 minutes. We got directions from the manager at the other theatre and took off. The directions took us into the middle of nowhere. After missing what would have been the commercials, trailers and credits of the movie, we decided to forgo that theatre. Beth pointed out that the manager had probably sent us to be chopped up by a psycho and that it was good that we couldn’t find the street.

It then became a race to find Transformers. Beth sat in the backseat on the phone calling around while Anne drove us towards to hotel where we had internet access. Nothing fruitful came from the phone inquiries, and looking online Anne found the movie at a drive-in. We were thrilled. We drove around trying to find an open convenience store to get junk food, and eventually made it to the drive-in. Trying to get in was obnoxious, but once in, it was fun.

Sunday, we took our time getting up and ready (well, we woke up at 9am) and had brunch. Then we toured the Winchester House. It’s cool and weird. I took *so* many pictures, some of which I posted. I took lots of pictures of detailed architecture and decor, so if you happen to be interested in vintage home detailing, I can more pictures of molding, wallpaper, etc.

Now, I have tons of homework. I wish I could just spend every evening this week doing stuff in SF, but I have to work :/

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