SF: Final Approach

I started writing this entry in the Atlanta airport, but was called to board, so I am continuing at home.

Friday morning we had our final exam. The medieval prose went well, as well as the sight-reading, but I still have trouble with the poetry. The sentence structure is not as intuitive. But it’s done. Now I have just have to keep on it.

After the exam, we met at the building where three of our classmates lived near campus for a cook-out. It was a really nice get-together, but it was weird trying to say “bye” to people you were only knew for this 10-weeks but saw every day for many hours but might never see again. People just kinda floated out. I took the opportunity to leave when several people were heading out, jokingly making the suggestion that we could keep in touch by forming a guild (which was funny to about 2-3 people).

Friday evening, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge (see photos). We concluded with a lovely Japanese-French fusion restaurant. I didn’t start packing until about 11pm, and my shuttle picked me up for the airport at 4:30am. Surprisingly, my flights went very smoothly. I was on the ground in Milwaukee by 6pm. Chris picked me up and we went out for yummy Greek. After dinner, I was pretty much too sleepy to be useful.

Sunday, we went to see Stardust, which was great. We went out to dinner with Mom, Bill & Steph. Today I did lunch with Jess. It’s been nice catching up and getting back into the swing of things. Tomorrow I have a lunch date with one of my profs and I start TA orientation on Wed.

Back to the grad school grindstone.

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