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“24” (or so)

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Fri, 12pm: Discover that I passed my Master’s comprehensive exams

Fri, 1pm: Administer exam to West Civ II class

Fri, 2:30: Meet Six and Mel at a tattoo parlour

Fri, 4:00: Unable to stop her premature labour, Amy has a C-section, and Matthew is born 11 weeks early

Fri, 5:30: SB and I attend a ceremony to induct me (and some others) into Phi Alpha Theta (professional history society)

Fri, 8:30: Go home to change

Fri, 9:30: Decide we are all too exhausted and weirded out to do more that evening

Sat, 10:30am: Meet Mel, Six and Mike for brunch

Sat, 12pm: Visit Amy at hospital

Sat, 1pm: See Matthew in ICU

Sat, 2pm: Play Arkham Horror with Mel, Loricious, Six, Mike and SB

Sat, 4pm: Lori has to leave for dinner plans

Sat, 4:20: Lori calls to say Dave’s dad (who has had cancer) is not doing well and that they are driving to Illinois to visit

Sat, 4:30: Mel heads out to visit her mom

Sat, 4:45: Ryan calls to say Dave’s dad has passed away; we continue to phone tree

Sat, 5pm: We are unsure how to spend the evening, sit around not saying much

Sat, 6pm: Mike and SB go out to pick up dinner; Six and I talk about death experiences and how all we can do is be there for our friends Dave and Loricious
Sat, 8pm: Ryan comes over to pass the evening; we play Descent


Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Steelbuddha and I agree that this basically sums up the internet: