Entry #1: Timeline

8am: get up so that I can run errands, which take most of the day.
6pm: try to do some last minute apartment packing…for 10 hours

2am: realize that I need to leave in 3 hours and I have not yet started laundry.
5am: call cab to airport
7am CST: airplane takes off and I fall asleep
10am ET: airplane lands so I have to wake up
12pm: finally settled in to hotel at Times Square
1pm: finally drag my butt to go get some lunch
2pm: return from lunch and turn on Olympics
6pm: wake up, Chris’s workshop ends
7pm: Chris and I meet up
8pm: head out to a leisurely dinner
10pm: get back to hotel and pay-per-view King Fu Panda; fall asleep before it’s over

9am: Chris has to leave for the airport 🙁
12pm: dawdle until final check out
1pm: check in to Residence Inn in Newark; spend the day prepping for orientation, mapping transportation, watching Olympics
7pm: have a very pitiful free dinner
2am: fall asleep

7am: leave for orientation
8am: arrive in Midtown an hour early
9am: reception, chat with other incoming students
10am: start listening to speakers
2pm: decide to not stick around for any more speakers because they never planned a lunch break; straighten out my financial aid; register for classes
4pm: decide to take the subway to Astoria Queens to check out an apartment
9pm: return to Newark to watch Olympics and hopefully fall asleep early

1am: notice the time while typing this entry; wish there was wireless so I didn’t have to pre-type this, because I don’t want to go to the desk where the ethernet connection is

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  1. Loricious says:

    Huzzah! RA is back!

    I read with zeal, my friend. Best wishes out East!