Entry #2: Place to Live

The Residence Inn is a pretty sweet deal-studio apartment, gym, pool, laundry, grocery delivery, free breakfast, free dinner (though lame) 4 nights/week. However, I need a real place to live.

I went to Astoria tonight and it’s not bad. It’s possibly the most diverse neighborhood in the country, if not the world. It’s up and coming, and I’ve been told it’s pretty safe, though it has its share of shabbiness. The apartment itself is shared with a gal who works in advertising. One bedroom in a two-bedroom upper flat. The bedroom is pretty big, and the house actually has laundry in the basement. If you thought the steps were cramped in our previous place, though, you ain’t seen nothing. It’s two blocks from the N&W subways lines, which stop two blocks from school. The rent for half is what we pay for our adorable spacious place in Milwaukee. But that’s life here. I’ve heard of worse living situations.

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