Entry #5: Jersey Sucks!

Ok. I’m writing this one first so that my posts for the day can end on a better note.

The little things were starting to whittle away at me and now a bigger thing has made me mad.

Little things:

  • When I put Caffeine Free Tea on my grocery list, they bought me chocolate ice cream
  • Two straight days of yelling tweens
  • The nearby diner put chocolate syrup on my strawberry cheesecake
  • The nearby diner put chocolate syrup on my cherry pie!
  • The nearby diner did *not* put mashed potatoes or cranberries on my turkey dinner!!
    (At least they didn’t put chocolate syrup on my turkey dinner)

Big thing:

  • I was left at a bus station from 11pm until midnight waiting for the hotel shuttle; I ended up walking back to the hotel. I then proceeded to send this message to Marriot:

    “I was very disappointed when I called for a shuttle pick up at 11pm from a bus stop after returning from New York City. The bus schedule I received from the front desk instructed us to call for a shuttle pick up from the bus stop (not a station, a stop, a bench and a sign). I waited from 11pm until 12am, calling three times. At no point did anyone at the desk know where the shuttle driver was but they assured me he would stop by and were surprised when he didn’t. After waiting an hour, I decided to walk back to the hotel. During my walk, I never did see the shuttle. If it hadn’t been so late in an unfamiliar town with no sidewalks, I would have walked in the first place. But to have been left for an hour in the middle of the night at a bus stop has really soured my experience. I am extremely displeased with the shuttle driver. Thank you for taking my complaint into consideration.”

I’m tired of being just far enough away that’s it’s a pain to get to the city. The only things nearby are a mall and a lame diner. I look forward to the food court; it’s sick, I know.

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