Entry #6: Job Interview Stage Two

So for those who didn’t know, I had a phone interview a couple weeks back for a tutoring company. The focus on SAT, ACT, and AP exam prep, as well as general subject tutoring. Today I had an “audition.” I was supposed to give a 3-5 minute lesson on anything. When I arrived, there were about a dozen applicants and we each gave our lesson to the entire group. Topics ranged from logarithmic fractals to tying your shoe. My topic was how to choose your Halloween costume.

Afterward, I was asked back for stage three, which is training. During training, they ask you to review thoroughly the curriculum and teach it back to them. I suppose, after that, they offer you a job or not. I don’t know how everyone else did; I enjoyed just about all of the lessons (most of us weren’t quite following the logarithms). The staff seem fun and enthusiastic. I look forward to receiving the curriculum, because that will really determine if I’m prepped to tutor universally or narrowly. I think I did fine on the geometry and trig in the sample questions they had us solve, but the series of intergers questions always throw me. Grammar was good. So was vocab.

Anyway , that’s the skinny. I have class on Wednesday and am picking up my key to my new place 🙂 With Thursday to prep, I should be ready to move Friday.

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