Entry #9: Moving In

Yesterday I moved from the hotel the my new room.

Woke up early to take the hotel shuttle to the airport and rent an SUV. I figured that since the SUV was better than a Uhaul because I only had a small haul, it maneuvers more like a car and, with mileage, the price was equivalent.

I went to Ikea near the hotel to purchase my furnishings. Unfortunately, the bed I had selected was sold out. They had a few in stock at a different location about 45 minutes away. That added an additional 2+ hours and 30+ miles to my trip (which put me over the 75-mile limit for not having to refuel). But eventually I got the bed. I had planned a trip to Home Depot but couldn’t find it (I had passed one but couldn’t get back to it).

After leaving the second Jersey Ikea, Google maps was a little unreliable. I stumbled my way into New York and got to Astoria. I moved the bed, mattress, bedding and end table in and assembled the furniture (while watching Buffy season 3 on my laptop). I was lazy for an episode and then decided I had better return the vehicle. (By the way, a Chevy Trailblazer is just the right for a twin bed and mattress.)
Google maps was unreliable for a second time and dumped me in Manhattan. If nothing else, I feel much less nervous about driving in the city because I’ve done it now. People are crazy, but at very low speeds.

I got to Jersey and drove around looking for a gas station. I couldn’t find one, and I was getting tired of not having idead where to go, so I took the SUV back. For 91 miles, I was charged $51 for gas. The attendent looked it before he gave me the slip to sign and said “that’s awfully expensive.” Ack! More money gone.

I asked an attendent at the airport where to pick up the 107 bus. She told me to take the airport shuttle to the end, where I could get the train or bus. When I got to the last stop, it was only 5 minutes until my bus left, so I quickly asked where the bus was. The attendent said, “you have to go back to the airport terminal.” I decided it wasn’t worth waiting 1.5 hours until the next bus, so I took the train. The train is $15 and the bus is $5. They both go to the same place in the same time in air conditioning. I didn’t want to take the train. I got back last night, picked up a few essentials, and then chilled out (as well as I could; I don’t have A/C).

My roommate was gone last night. We only just hooked up about an hour ago. But things should be cool. Neither of us have lived with a “roommate” since school (the last 3 years, her sister had lived here.) We both have our own lives, and it should be fine and normal. I have to run out for dinner now, though, because I wanted to pick up some pizza at the end of the block and Melinda (my roommate) mentioned that the food was great but they close at 11pm (which is totally weird for the city).

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