Entry #11: Back to the Grindstone

Today is my second day of classes, and my first day for two different classes–research seminar and medieval Latin.  Research seminar got out early, since it was just an intro day, so I’m posting before going to Latin.

I still haven’t been able to get my hands on all of the books for tomorrow’s class (Imperial Byzantium), but neither have several other classmates, so I am less worried. One gal hasn’t even been able to find the book that has the reading she is supposed to discuss. Eek.

I’m in the library and it took four tries to get a working computer. And I’m seated in the second dysfunctional chair. One previous chair would not raise, so I felt like a child at the grown-up table. This chair won’t lower, so I am extra tall. I feel like Alice, but less interesting. They need to have cakes and bottles that correspond with the chairs.

Not much news. My desk chair arrived today (I can even raise and lower it), but it looks lonely without a desk. For this week, I want to stick close to the apt in case more packages (desk, etc) show up.

Still watching too much PR. I watched all of PR Australia (1-8) and US season 4 this weekend. Had Mexican food yesterday, which made me feel a little more homey (next time I’ll try the mole). I even had Chipotle for lunch. All I need is some Cold Stone (there’s one several blocks from my place) and I’ll be set. Of course, maybe I should just go get more rice pudding, stock the fridge even. I think my roommate is going on a work trip for the rest of the week, so I could just read and eat rice pudding all week. RP & PR. Nom nom nom.

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