Entry #14: Comfort comfort

Today I bought an A/C unit and a (too short) dolly and lugged it 20 blocks home, and somewhere in the process, I got this series of six tiny cuts on each of five finger tips.  And it’s worth it.  This is the first evening I’ve been comfortable in my new place.  Ah…

I built a cabinet/dresser today and turned in applictions for two campus jobs. I really need to get on with homework, however.  The dresser took me a good three hours, so I hope no other furniture arrives this weekend.

When I was on campus today, I met up with another medievalist, Chad, who told me that the medievalists had their own small library and that he’d make me a key.  He also mentioned that at least four medievalists live in Astoria, so he’ll be sure to keep me in the loop if they ever get together.

I just about ready to go to sleep in cool comfort.

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