Me Want Insurance

I want insurance pretty badly.

1) My vision correction is definitely not up to par. It’s probably good I don’t have to drive. And I have been squirreling my last pair of contacts, since it’s been three years since I bought any.
2) I really should see a chiropractor. My back and neck are consistently sore and frequently cracking. I’ve had pins and needles in my right hand for a month. Something is out of whack. I’ve had achy back for ages because I’m tense, but this time it’s not just muscular.

3) Fortunately, I haven’t had dental trouble. But I don’t want to tempt the fates. It’s been three years since my last check-up.

4) I haven’t needed a general practitioner yet since I had access to PP, but again, I don’t want to press my luck and now I’ve moved out of state.

I hope I get a job at school, because that would mean by spring I can have insurance. I just need a little maintenance; I’m getting rusty.

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