In case you can’t tell…

I’ve been doing homework for four days straight and got home from class after 10pm, so before bed I’m just messing around on the internet.

My weekly schedule is as such:

Monday – 6-8p – Paleography (@ Columbia)

Tuesday – 2-4p – Research Seminar

Tuesday – 4:15-6:15p – Medieval Latin

Wednesday – 6:30-8:30p – Byzantine Empire and Emperor

As mentioned before, the tutoring thing fell through, at least for now. I have a second interview at Starbucks (not sure why that’s necessary unless they are going to offer me something better than barrista). I have also applied for some clerical/administrative jobs at school, as well as IT services; school job apps will be reviewed starting next week. That would be ideal. I also have been awarded a little work study, which will be time as a research assistant.
Next year, I can probably start teaching. At the Grad Center, they don’t really have teaching assistantships. Any time after your first year, you can apply to the many many adjunct positions available. Many, if not most, institutions in the city go to the Grad Center for their adjuncts. I’ve probably received ten postings for adjunct jobs from the dept email list in three weeks. So this is a great institution for teaching experience.

I now have a rug. And yes, it ties the room together. It also cuts down on the echo a bit and should tame the hardwood dust bunnies a little.

The weather has cooled a bit. We’ll see how long it lasts. If I’m lucky, six months.

I heard from first quotable quote in class today… In response to a student questioning Constantine’s choice to be baptized in a Roman bath rather than a church: “Bathing didn’t stop with Christianity.”

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