Familiar Face!

Today Bjorn was in town for a meeting.  Flew in this morning and left tonight, so we met up for dinner.  It was awesome!

Since I couldn’t make it to training this time around, the tutoring company offered me a position as a proctor for exams.  Not a bad deal at all.  I have a second call back for Starbucks tomorrow, but I’m tryng to hold out for the school positions.


  1. Loricious says:

    Love the new look, btw. Still dark and edgy, but softer. Like a goth pillow.

  2. Are you referring to my room décor or to Bjorn? ‘Cuz he was wearing a shirt and tie; and even though some random person on the street said “nice shirt” to him, it was kinda shiny blue and not really “goth pillow”.

    PS. To Jess, as much as I loved the shabby chic pastel scheme, I wasn’t sure I wanted it as the theme of the place where I spend most of my time. I felt the red, black and ivory was sharper and would keep me sharper rather than just cozying up in a victoriana fairyland when I’m supposed to be studying 😉

    PPS. Wait, Lori, did you mean the new look of the blog? I changed templates when I was trying to embed the YouTube videos because I thought perhaps my previously WordPress template was poorly coded. But the embedding didn’t work with any template. So that how the look of this site changed.