Ducks in a row

Today I was hired at Starbucks.  The location is about 2 blocks from school (which makes it the third closest Starbucks; hehe).  I just needed to earn money and the opportunity came first.

With proctoring on occassion (5 hrs on Sat) and my work study (3 hr/wk) , I should be ok.  In the opinion you readers, should I pursue positions at school and drop Starbucks if they work out?  I don’t like bailing on people, but I could earn $2-$5/hr more at school or tutoring. That might change if I get on a management track, which could happen in as quickly as one month.

My bedding came today, so my room is looking more like a room.  I also had Panera and Cold Stone. Yum.

I should really get an umbrella.


  1. Loricious says:

    I’d say that the school work could be more beneficial to you. First, sounds more convenient. Second, more pay. Third, possibly applicable to your career path (I can imagine that it’ll be hard relate Starbucks to Renaissance on the resume). And, just a guess, you may not have to work when school isn’t in session, hence making the holidays and downtime a bit more enjoyable.

  2. steelbuddha says:

    Starbucks will be fine. And they knew you were overqualified when you started. Do wht’s best for you in this instance, and damn the torpedoes.