Social Butterfly

I had told myself that I had to finish my transcriptions as well as my translations before I could do anything tonight. But I was told by another medievalist that we aren’t allowed to work on Saturday night. So I joined a bunch of history grads to watch the Ohio-USC football game. However, the game didn’t go well, so things shifted to hanging out. It was good to meet people and begin insinuating myself into the social dimension of the dept.
Tomorrow night, I am having dinner at my professor’s place.

One thing I don’t quite understand. Why, when some people get drunk, do they apologize to me as a non-drinker? Do they think I am judging them poorly for it? I have reasons for my choice, and they don’t. It’s weird to assume that I think everyone should think the same as I do. It’s like getting uptight because someone has a different haircut and prefered brand of toothpaste. People have preferences and make choices based upon them. I prefer to avoid heartburn, acid reflux, and IBS, so I avoid booze and (not often successfully) caffeine. My choice is also way cheaper.

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  1. rosemary says:

    People react the same way towards me and meat/animal products. I suppose it’s nice that people are conscious of it, but it’s not like I’m expecting everyone around me to stop eating meat every time they are in my presence!

    BTW, hope things are going well for you!