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Entry #14: Comfort comfort

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Today I bought an A/C unit and a (too short) dolly and lugged it 20 blocks home, and somewhere in the process, I got this series of six tiny cuts on each of five finger tips.  And it’s worth it.  This is the first evening I’ve been comfortable in my new place.  Ah…

I built a cabinet/dresser today and turned in applictions for two campus jobs. I really need to get on with homework, however.  The dresser took me a good three hours, so I hope no other furniture arrives this weekend.

When I was on campus today, I met up with another medievalist, Chad, who told me that the medievalists had their own small library and that he’d make me a key.  He also mentioned that at least four medievalists live in Astoria, so he’ll be sure to keep me in the loop if they ever get together.

I just about ready to go to sleep in cool comfort.

Entry #13: Hwarf

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

(to quote a sound coined by Chris D)

The heat is oppressive today.  I’m trying to decide if it’s worth trying to carry a small A/C unit the 15 blocks tomorrow.  I just wilted this evening and crashed for a few hours with my face on a towel.  Not to mention that it’s loud to keep my windows open since the train in one block away.  And dogs.  And honking.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this (and I’m too lazy to go back and read to find out), but my next call-back for the tutoring job was scheduled during two of my three classes, even though I gave them my schedule first. Considering all of the job postings I get from the department’s listserv, I’m not sure I need this tutoring job.  I just think it’s a little unfair to ask my schedule and then plan training during the worst 4-hour period of my entire week.

Today we had a luncheon for incoming history students. I also made the rounds and dropped off applications at 6 or so Starbucks near school.  I actually have an interview for a supervisor position at one, so that might put me into a livable earning bracket. I’m not sure I can do minimum wage. I have been trying Starbucks because they offer benefits to part-timers.
I am also applying for clerical/administrative positions at the school itself. I just found out today that starting in the spring, any student working for the university in any capacity is eligible for insurance. So I might not need to work for Starbucks at all.

This is teh awesome

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

This little guy looks exactly like the robot I drew for my raggedy android, but maybe more victorious.  My other sketches had the single wheel.

Entry #12: Photos

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I have finally started uploading photos for the whole of the summer. I am doing it chronologically, from graduation to now. I may not finish tonight because Flickr is having issues. But check them out:

PS. I might need to get an A/C unit. The train one block away from my open window is really just too much to sleep through.

Desk Chair: Reprise

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I have decided to sit in my desk chair to do my reading, even though I don’t have a desk, because sitting on my bed with no A/C means nap time.

PS. Latin class was brief but should be good. Not everyone is super-proficient, so I feel I might be able to keep up, with a lot of work. He assigned us translations right off the bat and recommended books I already have (sorry Chris, you will have to ship some to me). This weekend I will refresh my grammar, but taking this class might mean I can be up to speed for the paleography course.

Entry #11: Back to the Grindstone

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Today is my second day of classes, and my first day for two different classes–research seminar and medieval Latin.  Research seminar got out early, since it was just an intro day, so I’m posting before going to Latin.

I still haven’t been able to get my hands on all of the books for tomorrow’s class (Imperial Byzantium), but neither have several other classmates, so I am less worried. One gal hasn’t even been able to find the book that has the reading she is supposed to discuss. Eek.

I’m in the library and it took four tries to get a working computer. And I’m seated in the second dysfunctional chair. One previous chair would not raise, so I felt like a child at the grown-up table. This chair won’t lower, so I am extra tall. I feel like Alice, but less interesting. They need to have cakes and bottles that correspond with the chairs.

Not much news. My desk chair arrived today (I can even raise and lower it), but it looks lonely without a desk. For this week, I want to stick close to the apt in case more packages (desk, etc) show up.

Still watching too much PR. I watched all of PR Australia (1-8) and US season 4 this weekend. Had Mexican food yesterday, which made me feel a little more homey (next time I’ll try the mole). I even had Chipotle for lunch. All I need is some Cold Stone (there’s one several blocks from my place) and I’ll be set. Of course, maybe I should just go get more rice pudding, stock the fridge even. I think my roommate is going on a work trip for the rest of the week, so I could just read and eat rice pudding all week. RP & PR. Nom nom nom.

Entry #10: Too Much PR!

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Ok, there was a point tonight that I thought, “Hey! I might actually go to bed before 1am.” Then two episodes later I thought, “At least I’ll go to bed before 2am.” I am watching too much Project Runway.