A Night in Ravenloft

(started September 27, mostly written October 7)
Yesterday, after a two-hour delay, I flew into Milwaukee for opening night of SB’s show. Six picked me up from the airport (what a sweetie), and since it was too late for lunch (or too soon until dinner), we chatted at her place and had a failed adventure in hair-dying (it just didn’t take).

We got a bit of a late start heading out to dinner because we wanted to grab a prop for SB (it could’ve waited, but of course I wanted to do it just then). Dinner at Buca was yummy, but poor Stephanie had limited food options because we kept ordering things she couldn’t eat. So she ate giant cake instead 😉

We got off to another late start to the play (our waitress was pretty lame). Of course, I forgot that so few of us exist in the 21st century, and I was a burden on those around me by not carrying cash. Anyway, we stumbled into the show after the opening song.

SB was particularly entertaining as Charlie Brown with his funny little voice, but we all could detect where the directing was faulty.

After the show, SB said that the cast was going to the “Bavarian Inn.” So we all decided to go there too. Driving down Port Washington in the heart of Glendale, one must take a turn by the Fedex/Kinko, pass through a wall of fog, travel to the end of a dead end road until one sees the big brown chateau with baby blue shutters and red painted hearts of the Bavarian Inn and its accompanying barn. We saw some activity, but as we approached, we realized the upper floor was a wedding reception. We walked around the building to the lower entrance. We peeked in the dingy windows to see folk in ledehosens and dierndls with accordians. We were too intimidated to even open the door. Somethings was wrong; we were in a silly-spooky unfamiliar world in the fog.

Since we saw none of the cast, I called SB, who informed us that they had decided to get food first. We didn’t want to wait around the kooky Germano-larp, so we decided to hit the Silver Spring House (which holds its own nostalgia for us…pucker…) As we were leaving the lot, SB drove past us into the lot, and shortly thereafter, I received a wtf sort of text regarding the inn. He followed us to SSH.

At SSH, we entered and the place was smoky and exceptionally loud. Some drunk chicks flipped off our entire party (I was told later they were flipping off someone else, but at the time, I interpreted it as being aimed at us, and I was both amused and concerned). SB was also mildly harassed upon entering. We tried to chat while we finished two pitchers. Then it was just too much. SB invited us to his place since it was closest.

Poor SB is not entirely moved in. And his place is fairly cheap and not the nicest of places. We had decided to eat the leftover Buca desserts, but he only had one silverware setting unpacked. So we shared; it was funny. About a half hour in, the power went out. For the next hour, we sat playing with our cellphones for light and musing at how crazy the night had been. Eventually, people trickled out, as it was 1am and there was no power. The power eventually came back on about 1:30am, and we found out the next morning that at least 1000 households were affected.

This blog doesn’t do the evening justice. I was in such a kooky mood, and I really enjoyed everyone’s company. In conclusion, I want to remind everyone to take their children’s chewable zoloft.

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  1. Mom says:

    You weren’t dissing your German heritage, now, were you?