I’m getting over it

Ok, yesterday was a rough day. Today, at work, was gearing up for an even worse one since I was so exhausted and there was some serious craziness with customers. However, I did ask for different hours, and fewer. I’m done with classes for the week due to holiday tomorrow.

One of my classes was cancelled today (I took the time to nap instead of polishing my bad Latin). I was *really* hoping to have class, because I have some questions for the pro concerning his expectation for a research prospectus. This has been a sporadic class. As the prof put in his email: “We have all (and I include myself in this) been to some degree or other lackadaisical in this seminar.  I strongly ask that such attitude change now for all of us.” We had an annotated bibliography due Sunday, and I sent it Saturday in case he wanted a phone conference about it (since he said we should meet with him sometime before Tuesday, in person or otherwise.) Since he said it was all good, I assumed it was. I guess, however, he was disappointed that his expectation of a meeting was not met (I did say I was available to talk if necessary). Still, I was at the top of the curve, because only two of us even turned in our bibliography by Sunday (or by today for that matter). Crazy. I’m surprised by the universal flaking. IIt was on the syllabus.)

Anyway, I made a moderate showing in Latin, and came home to watch Heroes. It’s insane that it’s 8pm and I have to start thinking about wrapping things up for the night. I can’t wait until I start work at 8 or 9 or 10. I get the most homework done between 9pm and 1am (on weekdays), and to not have that time is killer.

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