What’s up in mundane life

I have a take-home midterm due tomorrow, a prospectus due Sunday, a prospectus presentation Tuesday and a paper due Wednesday.

I got two more proctoring assignments for this Saturday and next. The next training sessions are probably December and January, which is actually better than trying to jump in mid-semester with everything else going on.
I donated to greenpeace today. It was nice to shoot the shit with a motivated person.

As far as I know, today was the last morning I had to work at 5am. And it’s nice to get an extra $40 in tips for the week. However, the home of one of our coworkers burned down this week, so we donated our tips. I will probably stick it out the rest of the semester, because I do not qualify for insurance until after 90 days, at which time I’ll probably max it out with physical maintenance. Emotion stress is breaking down an already shabby vehicle.

I want my life back.

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