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Mostly just snippets of NYC life.

I proctored again today. It pays me and I can get a little homework done. And it forces me to get up and move and leave the apartment. So I picked up puddng afterward, but that took so much time because the subway line let me off on Canal Street, which is the worst. It’s just solid people and street vendors. It’s “cheap shit” street, and it’s packed and dirty. Anyway, I ended up walking in the street with the few other people who actually wanted to get somewhere.

I turned in the midterm late Thursday night. I didn’t get much work done Friday, but I did clean my room (which was in dire need). Now I’m not embarassed to leave my door open. Today I proctored and wrote my prospectus for my reserach seminar. I’ve still barely done any work on my essay, though. That makes me nervous. The prof offered a week extension and I will likely take it, in part because the topic of my essay relates to this week’s discussion, so I could use that info to beef it up.

I watched the finale of this season’s PRroject Runway. It was a generally boring season. Maybe it’s because I watched it week by week rather than in one long run, so I didn’t see the development of people as rapidly. In any case, I had no investment in it. Heroes is coming along pretty nicely. Still doesn’t have the same feel as season one, but then, it’s supposed to be different. New problems, new people, new contexts. The Office has been tough to watch. Jim and Pam’s subplot makes me very sad. Aside from that, the only other shows I check in on are Conan O’Brien and Big Bang Theory, which is growing on me.

I want to say thanks to every who has expressed concern and mutual disappointment.


  1. Ellie says:

    We all love you.

  2. Skip says:

    That’s true.