I have a plan

Hang on until 10pm on Wednesday. That’s my plan.

I have barely started my 15-page essay that is due Wednesday. However, I’m mostly done with everything else for the week’s classes, including a research presentation on an entirely different topic for the same class (we are in agreement that that class has an unreasonable amount of work, even for grad school).

Then Wednesday night before bed I can cut fabric, and Thur & Fri after work I can sew so I can be dressed for a party Friday night. Then Saturday, I rest. And rest. I will not take a proctoring job that day, nor the following week. Working six days a week means I have to do homework Saturday night which means I never get to do anything social. I’m not sure that is acceptable. Particularly now, I need some sort of interaction.

In the five minutes I was writing this, I got news that I have extra work for Latin. *sigh* Shoot me?


  1. Ellie says:

    Yes, take time to rest and/or party a bit. You need both. I’ve been through the same thing recently with nonstop work and it’s not healthy no matter what, and it’s especially not healthy for you now.

  2. And my work keeps getting interrupted by my own feelings. I don’t feel strong enough for this semester. My life feels undone, and I have no time or energy to start putting things back together.

  3. I will sew, and watch The Worst Witch and Buffy season 5. That’s all I want. Some time off.

  4. Ellie says:

    …wanting to wrap you up in the arms of all the people who love you and make the pain all go away…

  5. Mom says:

    You ARE strong enough, Clare. You are working very hard at your studies, in fact, you are taking an extra class and you have 2 part time jobs. I worry you’ll burn out, but you won’t. Next semester will be a bit easier and less hectic, assuming you don’t take an extra class! Take one day at a time, one task at a time. Give yourself little rewards for getting each task done. Like watching a little Buffy. Or working on your costume. Or just taking a break. As for your life right now, focus on Wednesday’s work. Then, indulge yourself with some “me-time”. And of course, don’t eat too much Halloween candy!

    Love, Mom