Talking Politics at Texas Renaissance Festival

(Copied from an article from KBTX)
There were no political signs in front of the shops at the Texas Renaissance Festival, but Tuesday’s political clash between John McCain and Barack Obama wasn’t far from people’s minds, even here.

“Unfortunately there’s eight other people in the race that nobody knows about,” said Maurice Guergin of Magnolia, who was dressed as a wizard.

Thomas Gutierrez appeared to support two of those lesser-known candidates. He was sporting a “Cheech and Chong for president” shirt. “There’s always the write in,” said Gutierrez.

Speaking of the right, they enjoyed the festival too. “Religious right?” said a man dressed as a catholic cardinal. “Of course our position is very simple. Henry has been anointed king.”

“Of course the king, he rules,” said David Foss of Weatherford, who was dressed as a pirate.

Whether monarchy or democracy there was still the every day working man. However, instead of Joe the plumber, at the festival, it was Joe the rickshaw driver.

“Honestly, I think every minute of the day we need to speak about politics mainly for our children,” said Foss.

The youth vote was also at the festival, as were plenty of swing voters and pundits who couldn’t stop talking.

Amid all the political theater were a few minority voters who felt like the candidates were largely ignoring them.

“I haven’t heard too much which is kinda strange because there’s so many of us out here,” said a man from Houston who called himself Chyron the Centaur.

“I think if they ran on a more beer platform we would definitely be voting for them,” said the Centaur.

Politics, found even at the renaissance festival.

“Oh politics, that has to do with the king and them, right?” said a man dressed as a woman holding a sign that said “strumpet for hire.”

The Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville is open every weekend until November 30th, and will also open the day after Thanksgiving.

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