2008: A New Hope

Today at work, Starbucks was giving away a free cup of coffee to anyone who had voted. We stayed rather busy.

After work, I had two classes today, which went fairly well. Gettng out of school about 6:30pm, I stopped for a burrito on my way to an old friend’s place for an election party. Since he lives in Brooklyn and I don’t know the are, my subway ride took longer than expected (I waited for a train that wasn’t running). Anyway, I arrived about 8:30.

It was great to see Rob again. I went to Emerson with him, and the last time I saw him was at another college friend’s wedding, perhaps 1999 or 2000. Right now, he works for CityCorp (I think) and is co-founder of a children’s theatre company. It was fun to meet new folks, particularly folks in their 30s. It was more natural than 20-somethings getting wasted and trying to hook up.

The election, as you all know, was super exciting. When 11pm hit and the west coast went blue, the entire city went ape. Honking, noise makers, cheering, chanting, people in the streets. In the subway, people were cheering at every stop. We went up on the roof and saw the red and blue sliders across the way in Manhattan. At 11:15, we watched the McCains speech, and then went down into the flood of people in the street. At midnight, we settled in to watch Obama’s speech, and there were tears and applause in the apartment. We knew people all over were listening, because we’d hear honking after poignant remarks. A short while after the speech, I decided I had better head back to Queens to get some sleep.

Upon returning home, I found in the mail my absentee ballot from Milwaukee.


  1. Mike says:

    “Upon returning home, I found in the mail my absentee ballot from Milwaukee. ”

    You can’t plan comedy like that. 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Nor tragedy.

    Find out if you can still submit the absentee ballot!

  3. steelbuddha says:

    I feel like this entry should have yellow scrolling text disappearing into the horizon.