Yeah, it’s been a while

I haven’t had much to write about since my birthday.

Last week was a regular week, four classes in three days, and five days of Starbucks. Friday, we went to see the new Bond; it wasok but nothing to write home about. Still, Daniel Craig is an awesome Bond; the writers/director/etc need to work it out a better.

Saturday I proctored and tried to work, but ended up cramming my head full of romantic comedies. Sunday, I did homework and went out to dinner with neighborhood historians Chad, Tracey, and Anton.

This week has been pretty intense. Monday night I was supposed to be the discussion lead for an article, but my paleo prof changed the syllabus without announcing it; she just made the changes on the website. I had already started prepping before she made the changes, so I contacted her and she asked me to do something else. Plus, we were doing cursive hands, and it was so difficult for me to work through it on my own, that I didn’t get very far. I emailed the prof to let her know that. When I got to class, we didn’t even get around to the replacement discussion she had me prepare. *And* she collected to homework, which she’s only done one other time and only after giving us notice. And she knew I wasn’t done. Le sigh.

Tuesday, I had to present on a few readings in seminar, and then we had some fun in Latin reading a weird play.

Tonight, I have a big reserach presentation, which is just finished preparing. I have fallen behind in sleep (which may have been the cause of a coffee spill on my hand this morning), and so I look forward to turning in early tonight (as early as can be when the prof consistently doesn’t let us out until after 9pm, more thanĀ  half hour late.)

Tomorrow, I work 8a-11a. But then I have to go back to work from 6p-8p for holiday training. So I’m hoping to cram in a lot of random homework since I’m “stranded” in Manhattan.

My friend Chad invited me and our friend Paul to go with him and his family to watch the Macy’s parade Thanksgiving and then have dinner at a neighborhood restaurant rumored to be excellent. If that let’s up early, I might head over to my friend Rob’s place, who also invited me for TG dinner. But I work Black Friday. Should be pretty slow, though, since most of our regulars won’t be working and we are about six Starbucks away (three blocks) from the nearest shopping hotspot (Macy’s Herald Square).

That’s it for now. I’m gonna chill for a half hour and try to not fall asleep so I’m not groggy in class.

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