Catch Up

I finished the semester. I got all A’s.

I had a nice winter break.Saw family and friends. Had a spa day. Good all around.

I flirted with a classmate over text. He asked me on a date.

I returned to NYC. I had my French reading proficiency exam. I passed.

I had my date. We went to an Italian restaurant in the Village, saw some comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and on a whim ended up back in Astoria at a hookah bar.

I started my semester. Only three classes this time, phew.

Had a sort of second date when we went to Flushing for the Lunar New Year parade and some Asian eats. (There is Chinatown in Manhattan, but Flushing Queens is like AsiaCity.)

I got a teaching assistantship at Baruch College for a Global history course. The prof already seems happy with my work. She wants me to assist her in the fall, and I will if I can. And next spring, she wants me to take over teaching her class when she is on sabbatical for her research. Cool!

Still working at Starbucks. I wrote a diatribe stating why, but I deleted it.

I cooked a real meal Tuesday night. I’m looking forward to doing it again soon.


  1. steelbuddha says:

    What more can I say?


  2. Ellie says:

    Congrats on all of it!

  3. redbaronx71 says:

    RaggedyAndroid at a HOOKAH BAR?!? goodness, she’s all growed up. YAY on your teaching leads

  4. redbaronx71 says:

    totally unrelated, but I got this e-mailed to me through eBay, and I know you like little bottles like these… or you did, for something… anyway:

  5. Mom says:

    S2/20/09 Someone hasn’t posted in an AWFULLY long time! How ’bout some details on Valentine’s Day…

    Love, Mom