Another catch-up

So, the economy keeps affecting my life.

Feb 13, I was laid off from Starbucks. I was given no notice (well, 20 minutes notice). I am working every Saturday as a proctor starting this week to supplement.
Rumor has it that grad assistantships and adjunct positions are being cut, which is my only way to support myself. So I’m not sure how to fund my education after this semester.

One of my professors sent me information about a program at Exeter which would be fully-funded, so I’m considering applying as a back-up. I don’t *want* to change programs, but if I get zero funding next year, there is absolutely no way I can continue here. It’s not as if I can get another job to support myself.

Classes are going fine. My assistanships are also fine. There’s not much to say about them. They are happening 🙂

The 13th I went to a workshop about Moroccan Andalusian music and then heard a colleague’s paper at a meeting of the Friends of the Saints. Last Friday, the Medieval Studies program sponsored a round table discussion about new avenues in medieval studies. We are hosting a conference at the end of March at which I will be giving a paper (about troubadours in exile).

Valentine’s Day was low key: dinner and a movie. I’ve been playing some Guitar Hero: World Tour lately. I’m planning on picking up Rock Band (game only) once loans come in. I’ve been plowing through the series Scrubs, and just started Lost. Still watching Heroes and the Office, but I hate having to wait for a new eposidoe every week. I like it when shows are cancelled and I can watch it all at once.

Anywho, I have a class now. Ciao, y’all.

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