Follow Up

Just some smaller details:

-Saw Slumdog Millionaire, which I enjoyed.

-Saw Inkheart, which was pretty good, but I must’ve been tired because I fell asleep. Seems like a partial waste of a $12.50 matinee.

-Have spent several evenings with Astorian historians at Cronin and Phelans at Broadway and Steinway.

-Just bought Watchmen to read again before the movie comes out. Looking forward to it!

-Have been analyzing my potential travels: Florida in April, Baltimore in May, Kalamazoo in May, weddings in June and July (WI and SF), Indy in August. Why don’t we have teleportation yet?

I’m supposed to be preparing a presentation for tomorrow, but I’m just not feeling it. Blech.


  1. Ellie says:

    “-Have spent several evenings with Astorian historians at Cronin and Phelans at Broadway and Steinway.”

    Oh, that is so poetic and alliterative. 🙂

  2. Ellie says:

    Or vaguely rhymey…or something… 🙂

  3. Sixpence says:

    I vote “yes” on the travel possibilities – especially the three that mean I’d get to see you! 😀

  4. Bill the Elder says:

    Is that Watchmen by Neil Gaiman (sp). I am presently reading American Gods by him. Before that Color of Magic by Pratchett. Just remembered that Watchmen was by Pratchett. I read that two books ago. I like that better than Hog Father.


  5. Raggedy Android says:

    “Watchmen” is actually by Alan Moore. Other works of his that were rather misrepresented in film were “V for Vendetta,” “From Hell,” and “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” The movie is directed by the director of “300”, so he at least has experience directing movies based on comic books/graphic novels.

  6. Bill the Elder says:

    You’re right. I ws referring to Night Watch. I checked. So Watchmen is going to be dark like the others?

  7. Raggedy Android says:

    Yes, Watchman is quite dark.
    For a second I thought you were referring to Sergei Lukyanenko’s “Night Watch,” but you mean Pratchett’s, yes?

  8. Raggedy Android says:

    PS. I did end up seeing the “Hogfather”.

  9. Raggedy Android says:

    PPS. We’re big nerds