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Wow, time flies

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I would like to use today to catch up on some coursework. I’ve been sick for nearly a week, and today the coughing is enough that I’m not going to Baruch; I would just be a disturbance. I’ve been tired and achy and such, which makes it difficult to motivate oneself to work, even from home.
However, I just got my insurance cards, so I made appointments for a physical and a dental cleaning, netiher of which I’ve had since August 2005. I am excited for maintenance.

I’m hoping my student loan check will be in the mail today. It was supposedly mailed last Tuesday, and I’m concerned that it is not here yet. And hopefully I can finally clear up my document drama at Baruch so I can get paid for the job I’ve been working since January. I think I won’t get paid until April :/ which makes the loan that much more important.

I didn’t get through the Watchmen comic again because I loaned it out to someone who had never read it, but I did see the movie on Friday and thought it was quite good. It was nice to go with a fan of the comic; I need those moments of geekdom to feel more myself.

Speaking of, I’m playing a one-shot D&D game next weekend. Looking forward to gettin’ my dice on. Wugga-wugga.

Gonna go heat some soup and check the mail…