Before Bed (whoa it’s late)

So many things.

Everything is up in the air for next semester. My work study was cut in half, and TA positions are not looking good. However, I did apply for an adjunct position teaching World History.

Costume Con was a blast! It had its tense moments, but we met some cool people and saw great costumes.

The International Medieval Congress was also a good time. I didn’t give a paper this year, but I saw some good ones. We also attended the dance again.

I bought my plane tickets to come home this summer June 19-July 20.
My assistantship ended, and I just started working in Student Affairs. I spent this week proctoring exams, and next week I’ll be reading for a blind student and some other stuff.

I am not done with my schoolwork yet.  I’ve turned in one paper, but I have two short and one long paper left.  My professor/advisor has been inaccessible, and so I haven’t received feedback on my draft yet. I hope it is on the right track; that’s all I really want to know from him :/

Any way, I’m going to go to sleep. I went out tonight, and need to get up to work on those short papers tomorrow.

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