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Thanks, Darwin

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I’m not sure why
I showed you my insides.
Did I want an ear, a hug,
a who knows what? And then,
I backed out.
It didn’t feel right.
The same conversations,
our stories repeat.
We aren’t making stories
cuz we like different stories.
And I find that here
I make stories alone, it seems.
I imagine someone to share it with,
someone who gets it.
And I don’t get you either,
though not in an fun way, but in a
way I know that others get you
and before I knew you I knew I wouldn’t.
I had no space in my heart or my head, really,
to let you in, and I’m sorry for that.
It’s the nature of things, and we know
nature is cruel.
I’m not the fittest but I always survive.
Did I want an affirmation
it’s ok to be me?

The semester is over

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

And I rocked it once again.

At my new job, I’ve been doing some work with assistive technologies. Also I’ve been doing some OCR scanning, and today I read for a blind student. I got some Saturday hours for the next two weeks for double-time. Sweet.

This coming weekend is pretty packed. After work, we are heading to the Bohemian Beer Garden and then to go see an old friend’s band play. Sunday, we are having brunch, a trip to the Met, and then a Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction concert. I’m excited!

I work through June 17. June 18, I am subbing for my friend Chad’s World History course. Then June 19, I head back to WI for a month. Woohoo!

Adventures in Astoria

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Ok. Here’s the story. I was back in Astoria, but instead of heading straight home, I was on my way to the post office a few blocks beyond my street on Broadway. At the corner of Crescent and Broadway, I saw an old man fall. I went to help him up and another nearby gal helped as well. He had cut his hand rather badly and definitely needed stitches. Read MoreOf course, he only knew Greek. We tried to flag down a Greek-speaker, but couldn’t find one. We ushered him across the street to the pharmacy to get something for the moment and ask where to go. Fortunately they spoke Greek, but he ended up just arguing with them. They told us that there was a hospital two avenues away.
It turns out that the other gal was on the crew for a movie that was filming at that street corner. We asked the police officer assigned to the shoot about the gentleman, but he said it would take hours to get an ambulance and we’re better off walking him to the hospital. So we did.

Six blocks is much father with a senile old man on your arm. (Well, I was holding his arm, but also to keep his hand up.) He was a tiny man, but what a mule. We got to the hospital, but it was swarming and busy. We kept having to ask him to sit back down, because I think he kept forgetting what was happening. It took a nurse a while to track down Read Morean interpreter, but once she did, we were free to go.

On my way home, I stopped back in the pharmacy to let them know we made it to the hospital. The pharmacist told me the man’s name was Porthos (ha!) He’s a fellow form the neighborhood, I guess. Anyway, that was my trip home. (Yes, I did stop at the post office after it all.)