History Conference & Medievalism Extravaganza

Friday was jam-packed but fun. I had to teach at Brooklyn all morning and then run back to midtown to give a paper at the history department conference. It’s much different giving a paper to historians rather than medievalists. First of all, historians don’t necessarily know where Languedoc is or that the troubadours were active from the late 11th C through the 13th C. Which is perfectly fine, because I know squat about the Citizen Genet Affair. Anyway, I receive positive feedback regarding my paper; many found it interesting because I don’t think most people know that medieval history is generally interesting and can be fun. I stuck around the conference for the session after mine and enjoyed a paper about American atomic age sci fi films, with a focus on gender issues. It reminded me of the movie “Matinee”. It also made me think that a comparison with Japanese atomic sci fi is in order. (Maybe it’s been done; I didn’t look.) I got into a short discussion regarding race in zombie films. Sometimes academia is awesome.

After the reception, the medievalists gathered to listen to Christopher Lee’s new rock opera about Charlemagne. It failed to impress but had one or good tracks. We preferred the Beowulf rock opera instead (there have been a few; I don’t recall the one we listen to).

Much to our chagrin, Season of the Witch was pulled from being released, and that was the primary reason for our party. So instead, a few of went to see Kells. I didn’t mind seeing it again, and it was fun to see it with other medievalists. It was also awesome to spend some time out with only ladies my own age. That *never* happens here.

Saturday, I subbed for a friend (who will be subbing for me later in the semester), followed by an extensive, much-needed nap. I wasn’t productive yesterday, but I did go to poker night at the home of some friends. I brought my grading, but you can imagine how much I accomplished 🙂


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    Uh huh.

  2. Mom says:

    Keep the work separate from the play. You’ll enjoy the play time more and probably be more productive during the work time. Well. That was boring, but probably true. TGIASP Thank Goodness It’s Almost Spring Break.