Spring, Summer, Plummet

After two months of scheduling conflicts with someone and then instead having him move away, I am back on the horse.

Back story: Christmas 2008, a few months after the infamous dumping, a friend of mine got up the courage to start flirting, and from late January until about spring break we dated regularly. However, there wasn’t much chemistry and it just sort of faded back into friendship.

Christmas 2009, I realized I wasn’t going to date unless I looked outside of school. And so I joined an online dating site. I found someone appealing a little too early on. We were both exceptionally busy, and he was just a few months out of a 10-year relationship. Not a good start. We emailed, played online games, and managed a date about every three weeks. Then he stopped emailing. No reason given. It was a surprise because we had a good deal of chemistry as well as common interests.

Throughout that time (January – April) I went on a four other first dates. I knew he was dating openly and I was trying to do the same (I never had before). One of those dates fleshed out into a friendship, and the others went no further. It was a crazy semester (taking four classes and teaching two) to be trying out dating.
June rolls around, the semester is over, and I decide to revisit my dating Inbox. Wait. There is a really adorable guy in here. Went on five dates in as many weeks (setting a record), but then I went home for my already-arranged 3-week visit. Upon returning to NY, he went home for a 1-week visit, only to return and move to Maine. I last saw him just a few hours before getting on a plane July 16. I had no idea I wouldn’t see him again. The first decent kiss I’ve had in years. Needless to say, I am disappointed.

Well, someone with whom I had been chatting (on and off for a couple months but never met because I was only just getting to know the above) went offline while moving and getting a new job and just came back online today, asking if I wanted to get together. I said yes, and so, back on the horse. Nay.

I make these posts for all of my married girlfriends that live vicariously through *me*, of all people. Sad… 😉


  1. Loricious says:

    Watch out, they bite.

  2. Yeah, I dated a biter in high school. Don’t need to relive that.