Waxing Gibbous: 93% of Full

Holy crap. It’s obvious the moon is nearly full.

Left the house this morning, shaken by a gross-out (see below). On my 2.5-block walk to the subway, I saw the building across the street being emptied, belongings in garbage bags and people in masks. I hope it was fire or water damage, because if it was bedbugs, they were totally irresponsible with how they were handling it. Rounded the corner, only to hear some guy yelling over and over again “f**k the negro race!” There was a fire truck parked near by, and I think they started yelling something back, or maybe it was another driver. Got to the subway and people were running around, but for no discernible reason.

I was so happy to get to work and just hide in the cubical for a bit. When my colleagues arrived, we made some rounds checking on our AT computers. We were pretty punchy (my silliness being leftovers from Wednesday dinner with a couple of my medieval boys.) The work day was pretty normal. Ran by the history dept after work, and ended up chatting for over an hour.
The walk to the subway was the usual chaos, nothing out of the ordinary pain in the butt. However, when I got down to the platform, someone had taken a dump, and the entire platform smelled just awful. Everyone had crowded to one side, and the movement of the trains created wind that carried the stench everywhere.

Part of civilized human maturity is developing habits that differentiate a person from other animals. I had to clean out the drain after a roommate’s shower, and there was nasty boogerness that totally made me gag this morning. I don’t need to be touching someone else’s biowaste; I did that with my last roommate’s blood. Plus, there have been used bandaids in the shower for a couple days. Yuck!

We don’t have a garbage disposal, but a roommate allowed food to go down the drain. Now the sink stinks, has standing water, and breeds fruit flies. Again, I must take it upon myself to scour and Drano.

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