Psychological Responses to Fabric

I am surprised by the excessive amount of polyester in stores these days. Women’s shirts are dominated by polyester (at least those under $80).

I carelessly purchased a poly shirt or two only to quickly realize that I cannot wear them. Wearing poly make me feel as though I am suffocating and I start to have a minor panic attack. The only other time this happens is if I get excessively thirsty and have no control over my fluid intake, such as on a plane (which is why now I always bring a bottle to fill up or fork out the cash for water once I’ve passed security).

As I shopped for professional blouses the other day (at JCP, Macys, etc), I was so overwhelmed by the amount of poly that just touching it while hanging on the rack started to make me uneasy. So, if you are shopping for me this holiday, please be careful not to purchase poly garments, no matter how cute they are.

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